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Welcome to a2zfatburners.com. Our site is about weight loss supplement reviews, health tips, workouts and more. It is created with the intention to provide valuable reviews on the products that helps in boosting ones fitness and health.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about different supplements and products that are popular in health and fitness industry.

Our mission at A2Z FAT BURNERS is to help consumers find better solutions for maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. This means we always try to think outside the box and creatively about what products, tools, and strategies modern day users are looking for in order to stay fit and in good health.

We review different weight loss products from distinct aspects such as does it work, how it works, ingredients used in the pills, the side effects, the scam, customer feedback, where to buy and more.

We strive to connect deeply with our readers and give them information which is worth sharing.

Who are we?

A2Z FAT BURNERS is a research-based organization dedicate to bridging the information gap between you and your health. Our main aim is to help the millions of customers out there find best suitable product when shopping for different kind of supplements.

Every product reviewed on our website has undergone rigorous research and test which enables us to fully understand their performance before we recommend you for using them.

We also make sure that all promising products are used by independent third parties (whom we recruit and monitor) or our experts before we generate our final report on the supplements. We intend to give you an independent review of different supplements and products based on human trials and research.

A2Z FAT BURNERS is the biggest supplement and nutrition database offering a platform when users can get in-depth details on different topics. This has been a big challenge to us considering there’re thousands of products in the fitness and health industry with new supplements coming up every day.

Fortunately, we’ve a team of highly dedicated experts who strive in order to keep with the constant changes in the industry.

As a health website, we’re not affiliated to any marketer or manufacturer. We acquire all the products we want to test independently and put them through our different test engaging different health experts before making the final conclusion that we put up in the form of reviews.

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Jenny Jasmine



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Jenny Jasmine

A2Z Fat Burners AuthorJenny Jasmine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Consultant & Regulatory Specialist in Food & Health Supplement Industries. Jenny has over 6 years of experience in nutrition education and regulatory management of different nutrition programs. She is highly proficient in all aspects of EU food law ensuring products and marketing copy is legally amenable.

Throughout her career she has maintained a passion for health and wellness. As a health nutritionist her aim is to provide guidance to people suffering from overweight problems all around the world.

Jenny Jasmine is one of the top fitness experts. Armed with degree of fitness nutritionist degree and many other certifications, she started helping people achieve optimum health and business success in Canada and around the country from the year 2014.

Jenny made her fitness profession as a passion for motivating, encouraging and inspiring those around her to work towards finding the best version of themselves through a healthy lifestyle.

She is also certified as a Child and Adolescent Obesity Counselor and is a member of Wellness Nutritionists dietetic practice group of the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition. She inspires people to take charge of their life through healthy eating and exercise.

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