15 Foods To Supercharge Immune System During Coronavirus Pandemic

Foods To Boost Immune System

The recent coronavirus pandemic has lead the entire world in an unimaginable threat.

With no cure available to the disease caused by the new coronavirus, the only way to fight it is with strong immunity.

However, Zinc, vitamin C & D deficiency leads to a weaker immunity system in everyone. So, you need to strengthen your immunity to fight COVID19—the disease caused by the Wuhan coronavirus.

Well, you can do it easily by feeding your body certain foods that boost Immune System.

If you are not sure of which eatable encompasses the power to strengthen your immunity, just go through this blog.

In fact, you can ramp up your body’s natural resistance power with simple fruits and veggies present in the local stores.


15 Natural Immunity-Boosting Foods to Try

With no vaccine and medication available to the new threat to humanity, there’s only one thing to combat this highly contagious disease.

You need to work on your immune to be saved from this extensive airborne disease.

Whether you are looking for Immunity Boosting Foods For Adults or Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids; the list can be very helpful.

Here, we’re sharing 15 powerful immune boosting food.

Just add them up in your diet in an adequate amount to support your immunity to fight back…


#1: Citrus Fruits


Generally, people turn toward vitamin c after getting a cold. Well, that’s because the vitamin plays an essential role in strengthening your immune.

In fact, it can ascend the production of new WBC(white blood cells. And these are prominent for fighting infections agents.

Citrus fruits you can try:

  • oranges
  • grapefruit
  • lemons
  • clementines
  • tangerines
  • limes
Sufficient consumption of Vitamin C daily is necessary, as your body doesn’t produce it naturally. All citrus fruits contain great among of the nutrient.

Well, with such an amazing list, you have an adequate option to switch and swap to enough Vitamin C daily.

These are one of the best immune system foods.


#2: Red Bell Peppers


Citrus food only has maximum Vitamins, do you think so?

Think again!

Ounce for ounce, red bell pepper comprises twice of vitamin C as citrus. In fact, they are a very great source of Beta Carotene.

Apart from getting your immunity in the best phase, it works amazing for maintaining healthy skin.

Further, beta carotene keeps your skin and eyes healthy


#3: Broccoli


Encompassing vitamin and mineral, the immune boosting vegetable can be a great benefit.

Comprising vitamin A, C, & E, it gets you enough antioxidants and fibre to strengthening your resistance. Also, this makes broccoli the healthiest veggie on your dinner table.

The best way to get most of it is by cooking it as less as possible or eating raw.

Another great immune boosting food to try out, but you need to keep a little care while preparing it.


#4: Garlic

Garlic Boost Immune System

Garlic is present in almost every different cuisine in the world. Not only it adds an extra zing to your food but gets you numerous health benefits.

In fact, the early human civilization was quite aware of its benefits in fighting infections.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative, garlic can also help in reducing blood pressure and slow down the process of hardening the arteries.

Well, the immune-boosting properties in garlic arise from a heavy concentration of sulphur-comprising compounds, like allicin.


#5: Ginger

Ginger Boost Immune System

Other great Herbs To Boost Immune System, protecting you from getting sick.

In fact, it can reduce inflammation leading to less sore throat and other inflammatory ailments. Also, it can help lessen nausea.

Meanwhile, it is present in several sweets & deserts, it packs up heating properties in the form of gingerol (capsaicin relative).

Further, ginger can help reduce chronic pain and has cholesterol-lowering properties.


#6: Spinach To Boost Immune System

Spinach Boost Immune System

Having an amazing quantity of Vitamin C, it has made its way in our list with ease. Packed up with a number of antioxidants and beta carotene, the veggie upsurge the natural infection-fighting ability of our body.

Similar to broccoli, i’s best when cooked little so the nutrient remains intact.

Nonetheless, light cooking improves its vitamin A and permits other nutrients to be free from oxalic acid.


#7: Yogurt To Boost Immune System

Yogurt Boost Immune System

Best yogurt for immune-boosting are those having “live and active cultures” printed on it as Greek Yogurt.

Well, these have the power to stimulate your immune system to combat infectious diseases.

In fact, it would be best to have plain yogurt rather than per flavored and highly loaded with sugar. Make your yogurt sweet instead by adding healthy fruits, berries and a drizzle of honey.

Yogurt has a good amount of vitamin D, so go for one with brands refreshed with vitamin D.

It regulates your immune system and has amazing properties for fighting against diseases.


#8: Almonds To Boost Immune System

Almonds Boost Immune System

When it’s about preventing and combating cold, vitamin E can stand right next to vitamin C. Nonetheless, it’s a key to keep your immunity in a healthy state.

Well, it’s a fat-soluble vitamin, requiring fats in your body to absorb it appropriately. In fact, these nuts like almonds are a great source of the vitamin and have healthy fats too.

A half cup of shelled almond i.e. 46 whole can get you 100% of your daily recommended vitamin E dosage.


#9: Turmeric To Boost Immune System

Turmeric Boost Immune System

Other key Herbs To Boost Immune System, Tumeric is present in many curries.

Well, as its bright colour entice us, the bitter spice as anti-inflammatory properties which is capable of treating both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Further, studies shows, its high concentration of curcumin gets it the bright yellow color which can reduce the exercise-related muscle damage.


#10: Green Tea To Boost Immune System

Green Tea

Whether its green or black teas, both contain flavonoids, a kind of antioxidant.

However, green tea excels in terms of epigallocatechin gallate level or EGCG another sound antioxidant. EGCGH can improve your immune system’s functions.

Contrarily, the fermentation process of black tea destroys most of the EGCG. Whereas Green Tea doesn’t go through fermentation rather it is steamed, so the EGCG remains.

Also, it’s a great source of the amino acid L-theanine which can aid in the growth of germ-fighting compounds in your T-cells.


#11: Papaya

Papaya Boost Immune System

Another Fruits That Boost Immune System, Papaya comes with amazing vitamin C content. In fact, single papaya gives you 224% of the daily recommended quantity of vitamin C.

Also, they have a digestive enzyme called papain having strong d anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, having papaya gets you a good amount of B vitamins, potassium, and folate. Well, all of these are good for your optimum health.


#12: Kiwi To Boost Immune System


Similar to papayas, kiwi is one of the best Fruits That Boost Immune System.

Having lots of vital nutrients including potassium, folate, vitamin K, and vitamin C; it can strengthen your immunity.

In fact, it boosts white cell to help you fight infection. Meanwhile, other nutrients can keep the entire body functions of yours intact.


#13: Poultry To Boost Immune System

Chicken Meat

Chicken soup just the feel-good thing you need when sick. In fact, it can reduce the symptoms of a cold and also prevent you from getting sick or catch any in factious ailment.

Well, you can include poultry like chicken and turkey as they are high in vitamin B-6. Just 3 ounces of light chicken or turkey encompasses 40-50% of daily recommended doses of B-6.

Vitamin B-6 is a key player in numerous chemical reactions occurring in your body. Also, it is essential in the formation of new and healthier RBC (red blood cells).

Stock or broth prepared by boiling chicken bones comprises chondroitin, gelatin and other nutrient is beneficial for immunity and gut healing.


#14: Sunflower Seeds


Sunflower seeds are abundant in terms of nutrients comprising magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin B-6.

Also, they have extremely high in vitamin E, a sound antioxidant.

Vitamin E is crucial in maintaining and regulating immune system function.

Apart from sunflower seeds for higher vitamin E, you can have avocados and dark leafy greens.


#15: Shellfish To Boost Immune System


Shellfish is one of the great ways to strengthen your immune system. Apart from different other nutrients, some kind of shellfish is full of zinc.

Zinc isn’t put to that priority as other vitamins and minerals. However, our bodies need it equally to keep the immune system functioning.

Varieties of shellfish high in zinc are:

  • Clams
  • Crab
  • Mussels
  • Lobster

One thing you need to pay attention to is not to have more than the daily recommended zinc. For adult men, the suggested doses are 11mg and for women it’s 8mg.

having too much zinc can actually lead to actually impede immune system function.

As the coronavirus has spread across the US and the world, these immune-boosting food can help you prevent from contracting with coronavirus. In fact, these foods can help you reduce viral symptoms.

Well, this is similar to the things you have to get relief from season flu. Just add the listed eatable in your diet to get the required amount of vitamin C, D, E for the proper function of your immune system.

These are also called Immune System Booster Vitamins.

Apart from maintaining proper hygiene, you need to prepare your immune system and resistance power to fight.

The only way to accomplish it is by strengthening your body by putting nutrients and powering it up. Also, you need to avoid Foods That Weaken Immune System.

While practicing social distancing and restricting to home, keep in mind these food items.

Which of the food are you going to try to get your immunity on height?

Tell us in the comment sections!


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