10 Super Fat Burning Drinks That Will Help Lose Weight Fast

fat burning drinks

People looking for weight loss often ask about the best fat burning foods or exercises, but rarely do they ask about the importance of beverages or in other words ‘hydration’ in weight loss.

So, here the question is…

How important are the ‘fat burning drinks’ when it comes to losing weight?

Well, we all know that a human body is made of 60-70% water and even 1% loss of fluid can hamper one’s ability to workout.

Here one noticeable thing is that we don’t even feel thirsty until and unless we have lost about 2% of our body fluids and by this point, due to lack of water in the body one could lose their physical performance including the normal metabolic rate.

To elaborate the things, let us make you understand with a study:

In the testing panel, 3 sub-groups were chosen and each of those group were given 4, 8 or 12 eight-ounces of water per day. By the fifth day, the participants who were given 4 glasses of water per day found with severely depressed metabolic rate on the other hand the guys with 8 or 12 glasses of water were found more energetic, adequately hydrated and also burned calories at an accelerated rate in comparison with those who drank just 4 glasses of water.

Hence, this study proves that you can lose weight fast just by drinking fat burning drinks at home.

So, here we’ve provided some of fat loss drinks which you can start consuming today.


fat burning drinks


The 10 Most-Effective Fat Burning Drinks For Rapid Weight Loss

We’ve created a list of fat burning drinks that can help you lose weight and reduce your belly fat.

  • Green Tea
  • Lemon Ginger Drink
  • Black Coffee
  • Water
  • Vegetable Juices
  • Red Wine
  • Buttermilk
  • Honey Lemon Drink
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water
  • Tea

Now just take a look at types of fat burning drinks that may help you burn fat and control your weight.

fat burning green tea

Green Tea

Green tea is a great health drink which has been proven to help with weight loss – without having to make any changes in your lifestyle.

Regularly enjoying a cup or two will help purify the body, enhance skin health and protect from cancer.

Since green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants, it can help cause positive improvements in your health. It is one of the best diet and fitness drinks having EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG) catechins which are thermogenic that brings about energy expenditure and calorie burning.

Green tea works better for fat burning than many other fat burner pills available in the market.

Drinking 3 – 5 cups of green tea a day enables your body to boost its metabolism and burn 35-43 percent more fat.

The caffeine content present in green tea accelerate your fat burning process and the diuretic properties help eliminate excess water.

Lemon Ginger fat burning drink

Lemon Ginger Drink

Looking for fat burning drinks at home?

Lemon Ginger Drink is an easy fat loss drinks that is simple and effective.

It clears your digestive track and eliminate the toxins from your body and thus promote weight loss.

In a tall glass of lukewarm water just add a tablespoon each of grated ginger and lemon plus a tablespoon of honey; drink this every money before you start your day.

Ginger and lemon are two superfoods for burning belly fat, recommended by many dietitians and weight loss experts to people looking to shed off pounds faster and in a healthy way.

Both the foods are individually known to help in flushing out waste from the body and when get combined, they form a potent weight reduction team that naturally melts fat and never leaves the body lacking in any of the important minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

Interestingly, the combination of ginger and lemon has been mostly used in preparing detox waters, they’re extremely versatile and the most amazing part is that you can incorporate them in almost any dish you make in order to enhance the nutrient profile of the dish and make it healthier.

Black Coffee fat burning drink

Black Coffee

A coffee offers both health and wealth benefits – According to many weight loss experts, the black coffee has the ability to temporarily boost alertness and concentration plus drinking it might also lower your risks of type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

Black coffee is a healthier alternative to a coffee flavored with sugar and laden cream which might help you burn fat and get you a slim body.

Very few people know that any weight loss supplements or formula available commercially contain caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in Black Coffee that works to enhance fat metabolism and encourage weight loss. The main reason for including black coffee in our list of best fat burning drinks is because caffeine is a diuretic.

Beside big words, caffeine has many adverse effects like elevated cortisol levels and accelerated heart rate which could further lead to appetite stimulation.

So, just make sure you don’t overdose black coffee as too much caffeine can have negative health effects.

Water fat burning drink


Did you know that water is one of the best fat burning drinks?

Yes, it is!

While some diet items are hard to find or can be expensive, drinking plenty of water is the best suitable option available to most people.

Drinking plenty of water will help you stay fuller so that you can consume only fewer calories. It also helps speed up metabolism and flush out toxins.

You believe it or not but water actually helps you lose weight and to prove this a study was conducted on an obese women and it showed that those who drank more water were more successful in fat burning combined with exercise and sensible diet as well.

We are not recommending you anything as extreme as the water diet where you intend to drink 2- 3 liters of water per day and not eating anything.

Instead we suggest eating low carb, moderate protein diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits with lean meat.

Avoid eating pastas, breads, or sugary foods.

To cut down fat naturally, start each meal with 1 – 2 glasses of water.

DO NOT take sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeine. We insist choose only water or fruit infused detox water to flush out all toxic waste and kick start sluggish metabolism.

vegetable juice fat burning drink

Vegetable Juices

Drinking vegetable juice before eating a meal is a great way to increase vegetable intake and lose weight naturally.

Intake of vegetable juice before dinner or drinking water before a meal could reduce the total amount of calories you consume.

Choose a mix of vegetables that you like, mix them well with your favorite spices and drink a big cup before dinner.

Juicing is a popular way to lose weight and a great way to get skinny.

Nowadays, more and more celebs are promoting green juices for maintaining their weight for the red carpet.

Vegetable juices are a healthy and delicious way to burn fat as it does not sacrifice nutrition and thus you can get a number of benefits from them.

Fresh juices from green veggies provide the body with all the minerals and vitamins in a convenient way.

Green vegetables are loaded with fibre and so a glass full of juice will keep you full for all day long.

Vegetable juices containing green leafy vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli etc help in appetite suppressant and reduce hunger pangs.

Juices with cucumbers and celery are ideal diuretics which eliminates out the water retained due to years of junk food consumption.

Overall, drinking fresh vegetable juice is one of the best simple and effective ways to lose weight naturally.

red wine fat burning drinks

Red Wine

In a study done by Washington State University showed that red wine and weight loss go hand-in-hand, thanks to an element called resveratrol.

The properties found in red wine was shown to help convert “white fat” into “beige fat”.

Red wine is very popular these days for its numerous health benefits, thanks to its high polyphenol/ anthocyanin content.

The best among these is resveratrol – an antioxidant compound in wine that increases the expression of genes that help convert regular white fat into lipid-burning “beige fat”.

A number of studies have demonstrated its antioxidant and inflammatory properties.

The compound named resveratrol has also been shown to “brown” the white adipose tissue and its thermogenic fat burning properties in humans are being studied today.

Here one thing should be noted down that drinking red wine in excess can actually trigger the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Therefore, women must limit intake to 1 glass per day and men may drink up to 2 glasses a day of red wine.

Buttermilk fat burning drink


It’s a very common believe that drinking buttermilk will keep you from losing weight.

But in reality calcium-rich diet is linked to long-term weight loss.

Buttermilk is rich in calcium, protein, magnesium and vitamins which promotes the body’s ability to burn fat alongside a moderate diet system or weight loss program.

A research by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who consumed more calcium over the course of two or more years lost more weight than the people who consumed less calcium.

A small quantity of buttermilk might be a good addition to your diet as this cooling refreshing drink is often recommended by Ayurveda specialists for people suffering from obesity.

Buttermilk will not only make you lose weight but it can be used as a part of your healthy diet to shed those extra kilos.

This is an ideal drink for hot summer days; drinking a single glass of buttermilk can help you eat less which can contribute to weight loss.

8. Cinnamon and Honey Lemon Drink

Honey Lemon Drink

Do you know what’s so magical about cinnamon, honey and lemon for burning fat and losing weight?

Honey is a natural sweetener that works as an alternative to sugar.

To sweeten foods and beverages (tea or coffee) you can substitute white sugar with honey.

If you want to get the results fast, consider drinking a lukewarm glass of water stirred in with a teaspoon of honey after meals.

This can further help with digestion and promotes weight loss.

On the other hand, cinnamon is a powerful antioxidants that prevents insulin spikes in the blood and regulates sugar levels. It is mainly used to aid weight loss.

Honey, lemon and cinnamon when taken with warm water boost weight loss by preventing fat accumulation.

apple cider vinegar fat burning drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water

Apple cider vinegar has been used from hundreds of years to aid in liver detox.

It helps in digesting greasy and fatty foods and also alkalizes the body. Organic apple cider vinegar are known to balance PH of the body and helps breakdown of minerals, fats and proteins.

After the successful breakdown of these foods, the body is better able to assimilate the nutrients from them.

The reason why this fat burning drink helps lose weight is unclear but many health experts believe that it boosts the natural metabolism and that helps the body burn more fat.

No wonder that Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water has withstood the test of time and helped thousands of people achieve their ideal weight.

Fat burning tea


According to several dietitians, you can burn fat and lose the kilograms fast by drinking any kind of tea.

Both decaffeinated and regular teas are very rich in flavonoids which affects each and every cell of our body to improve health outcomes.

You can drink any tea you like, including white, black and oolong.

According to Dr. Jeff Blumberg, PhD a Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University:

“Tea flavonoids are linked with everything-from cardiovascular health protection to cancer prevention to weight loss and weight management. Of course, tea is NOT a substitute for fruits and vegetables but it can be made a part of one’s health diet as the flavonoids improve fat metabolism as well as blood sugar control.”

Moreover, the catechins properties found in tea provide modest shifts in metabolism in order to promote weight loss and weight maintenance as well.

In one study it was found that the catechins in tea led to a reduction on body fat and cholesterol.

The authors of the study finally concluded that green and black tea catechins were responsible for weight loss.

Thus, if you are a tea lover and want to lose weight then this is a really good trick to get slim.

Final Thoughts

In the beginning losing weight may seem a little bit confusing but soon you’ll find out that it’s just about what you consume. Taking healthy drinks like these, you’ll be able to enjoy the refreshment and flavor without adding calories. Additionally, they help boost your metabolism while controlling your hunger pangs, which helps in hassle free weight loss.

Finally, we hope this blog on best fat burning drinks to lose weight helped you in getting what you need to reach your goals. So why wait? Start your weight loss journey through any of these refreshing drinks today!

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