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Hummus For Weight Loss

There have been times that we have come across the word hummus for weight loss. Many people debate about its benefits and affects.

People seem to think that the Middle Eastern food helps in weight loss. They actually believe it is healthy.

Is hummus good for you? Will it help in weight loss? What are the benefits of hummus?

If you’re wondering about any of these, your answers lie within this blog.

We will give you information regarding hummus. Plus, we’ll provide you with its benefits, recipe, and the best hummus for weight loss.

Let’s start with understanding the concept of hummus.


What Is Hummus?

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip, spread, or exquisite dish produced using cooked, squashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic.

The standard embellishment in the Middle East incorporates olive oil, a couple of entire chickpeas, parsley, and paprika.

There is a plethora of healthy hummus varieties available in the market. These include beneficial vegetables and mineral rich components.

Lately, this dish has acquired prominence as a solid option in contrast to unhealthier and fat dips and spreads. For example, ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, etc.

Moreover, this dish has shown significant results when weight and health benefits are concerned.

If you still question, “Is hummus good for weight loss?” then check out the following benefits.


Benefits of Hummus for Weight Loss


Hummus isn’t simply scrumptious; it’s useful for your wellbeing also.

Obviously, it relies upon how you make your hummus and what components you add.

Yet, it can be really beneficial for your health. It can aid in weight loss if used with optimum ingredients.

Let us take a look at the weight loss benefits of hummus:

#1. Rich in Dietary Fibers

As hummus is rich in dietary fibers, it helps in supporting your body’s digestion. It assists your digestive system.

This implies that it can also help you to get in a good shape.

Besides advancing a decent and appropriate excretion, it helps in making you feel full.

It gives a sense of fullness in your stomach. This implies you feel less hungry.

Simultaneously, it diminishes ghrelin, which is known as an appetite hormone. At the end of the day, you feel fuller for a prolonged time, yet you additionally feel less ravenous.

This craving concealment is a mutually advantageous arrangement in case you’re attempting to get thinner.

#2. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

A food is measured healthy or unhealthy with the help of glycemic index.

If this index is high for a dish, it implies it is digested quickly.

This, in turn, implies a high level of sugar in circulation.

However, hummus’ index is extremely low.

This implies they are processed gradually and don’t cause spikes in glucose levels.

The high protein content also helps in delaying down carbohydrate assimilation in your body.

This further helps maintain the optimum blood sugar level.

#3. Assists in Keeping Obesity at Bay

A survey found that individuals who frequently ate hummus or chickpeas were less inclined to be stout.

However, it must be noted that no survey is 100% certain.

Therefore, do not believe it blindly. It may so happen that the individuals might be living a healthy standard of life.

Therefore, these were some benefits of hummus as a weight loss aid.

Now, you know that there is an association between hummus and weight loss.

Let’s take a look at the different types of hummus and their recipes.


Hummus Recipe for Weight Loss

Hummus Recipe for Weight Loss

As said before, hummus is healthy only if the right ingredients are used.

Therefore, it would be really beneficial if you make it at home. It’s easier to make it at home and at the same time healthy.

Pre-made hummus purchased in general stores often contains additives and other synthetics and detrimental substances.

It’s in every case preferable to make it yourself over purchasing a prepared item.

Let us take a look at the few healthy hummus recipes now. These are the types of hummus you can make at home:

  1. Simple Hummus
  2. Beetroot hummus
  3. Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus
  4. Black Bean Hummus
  5. Green goddess hummus

Making hummus is the easiest thing to do. You just have to put the ingredients in a mixer jar and blend it together until it becomes semi-liquid.

The only difference between the different types of hummus is their ingredients. The process to make hummus remains the same.

#1. Simple Hummus

The ingredients required to make plain humus is:

  • 400g of chickpeas that’s washed and drained
  • A table spoon of olive oil
  • Garlic cloves
  • Lemon juice
  • Tahini or sesame paste
  • A pinch of salt

Grind all of these ingredients in a mixture and make a paste.

If the spread seems to thicken, try adding a little amount of water to it.

#2. Beetroot Hummus

The ingredients used in making beetroot humus are:

  • 400g chickpeas which are drained
  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • Two cooked beetroots
  • Garlic cloves and lemon juice
  • Sesame paste

Adding beetroot adds color as well as a flavor to your hummus.

#3. Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

The ingredients required here are:

  • Chickpeas as plain humus
  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • Garlic cloves and lemon juice
  • 5 sun-dried tomatoes
  • Sesame paste
  • Oregano and salt

This will give your hummus a sweet taste and a good texture.

#4. Black Beans Hummus

The ingredients used here include:

  • 400g black beans
  • Garlic cloves and lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • Sesame paste
  • Salt and water

Note that it is made of black beans. Therefore, we do not use chickpeas here.

#5. Green Goddess Hummus

The ingredients used in making this hummus are:

  • 400g chickpeas
  • A tablespoon olive oil
  • Sesame paste
  • Garlic cloves and lemon juice
  • Add herbs, such as, basil leaves, parsley, chives, etc.
  • Salt for taste

These were a few types of hummus you can make at home to reduce your weight.

If you want it to be more effective, avoid adding olive oil to it.

So, these were a few recipes for hummus. Now, many people might have a lot of questions regarding hummus.

Therefore, this blog has the next section dedicated to some common questions regarding hummus.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve addressed some of the most commonly asked questions to get you started.

#1. What to eat with hummus for weight loss?

What to eat with hummus for weight loss

  • Sandwiches – Sandwiches does not include cheese or grilled ones. Veggie sandwiches are the ideal choice and eating it with hummus helps one with his or her dietary needs and weight loss.
  • Crackers – Normal crackers are a fine choice, but seeded and whole meal crackers are recommended for a healthier meal. Crackers with hummus are a nice combination for weight loss.
  • Baked chips – One must be cautious while eating chips as there is a difference between baked chips and fried chips. Baked ones are healthier compared to fried ones. Thus, baked chips is a better meal with hummus.
  • Red pepper slices – Red pepper slices along with hummus also aids weight loss.
  • Sliced cucumber – Vegetables including cucumber paired with hummus has proven to be very beneficial for a consumer and helps in the reduction of calorie intake by a consumer.
  • ZucchiniZucchini or courgette has various health benefits and consuming it with hummus also adds to the salubrious lifestyle of the consumer.
  • Carrots – Perhaps the most common ingredient paired along with hummus is carrot. One can consume carrots and hummus for weight loss.
  • Asparagus spears – Asparagus is rich in nutrients and is also low in calories.

#2. Is hummus fattening?

Hummus is a nutritious food when eaten with some restraint and balance.

The balance part is critical as it enables you to appreciate the nutritional aspect of hummus (high in fiber, antioxidants, protein, and so forth) without trying too hard on calories and fat.

By utilizing them with some restraint, you’re ensuring you get the advantages of hummus without indulging or over doing it.

Hummus is high in dietary fiber, which helps body’s digestive health and aids weight loss.

#3. What is the best hummus for weight loss?

Here are some of the best hummus brands to look for:

  • Lantana – Lantana, formally known as Eat Well Embrace Life, provides the consumers with a variety of flavors including black bean, beet, yellow lentil, and cucumber hummus.
  • Tribe – Tribe also provides a variety of flavors like ranch, lemon and everything bagel.
  • Roots – Hummus produced by Roots is special as its ingredients are shown along with the packaging so as to assure the consumers about the neutrality of the product. Roots offer lima bean hummus and spinach hummus.
  • Hope – Usage of olive oil as their fat ingredient is what makes Hope hummus unique. Spicy avocado hummus is one of their best sellers.
  • Hummustir – Hummustir is one of the best organic hummus producers and has its own basket of flavors.

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, one may opt to make hummus at home themselves. It is pretty easy to make and will help reap the same benefits as the above mentioned brands.

#4. What are some health benefits of hummus?

Here are some of the health benefits of hummus:

  • Nutritional benefits – Hummus comes with a wide range of nutritional benefits owing to its higher Naturally Nutrient Rich (NNR) rate compared to other dips and spreads. Hummus has numerous fundamental minerals and nutrients, including iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B6. These ingredients are extremely essential to keep one’s body healthy.
  • Heart health – Olive oil and chickpeas, being two of the ingredients used in the production of hummus, ensure a low cholesterol level in one’s body and, thereby, aids good heart health.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Anti-inflammatory properties of hummus due to the presence of olive oil controls the level of inflammation in the body of the consumer. Olive oil consists of various antioxidants like oleocanthal with anti-inflammatory properties which help suppress inflammation in the body.

#5. Is it healthy to eat hummus every day?

Hummus can be a part of one’s every day diet and will prove to be beneficial as long as it is eaten with some restraint and balance.

One must also ensure that the remainder of their diet contains a wide assortment of food sources.

Hummus is a solid, nutritious sort of food that beats customary (sweet/greasy) spreads or dips like mayonnaise or ketchup.

On the off chance that you need to get more fit and healthy, adding hummus to your eating routine can prove to be an effective and fine choice owing to the salubrious effects of hummus.

You can easily prepare hummus at home with the right ingredients.

Therefore, as it is with most foods, control and balance is the key and there are absolutely no hesitations with consuming hummus on a daily basis.

#6. Is hummus a good meal replacement?

Hummus is creamy, unctuous, and practically substantial in its completion of flavor.

Furthermore, the dish of chickpeas and tahini is press loaded with protein.

Everywhere in the Middle East and North Africa, individuals eat hummus on a regular basis. They may have it at breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Thus, hummus may be a good meal replacement provided that it is consumed in the right amount and with some restraint.

You must also try pairing hummus with other food assortments so as to reap nutritional benefits and taste.


In Conclusion

Hummus has proven to contain various ingredients which adds to a healthy lifestyle of the consumer and helps reap several benefits if consumed in the right quantity.

Moreover, you can pair hummus with various other food sources like carrots, sandwiches, crackers, and other vegetables.

This provides the consumer with added nutritional values.

Hummus can be easily prepared at home and has proven to be a good substitute for other dips.

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