Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia Extra – Which One Is Best & Why?

Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia

Undoubtedly, Both Phen375 and Garcinia Cambogia Extra are considered as a miracle fat burner pill.  Both products are good for weight loss and are true to its claims.

But the matter is that you can’t take both at a time. You have to choose one of them. People select it according to their need because along with the weight loss features both the products have its own health benefits.

Don’t be confused that which one to choose for your weight loss. Because here I am sharing all about Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia Extra that will help you to decide that which one is better for you.


Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia Extra  – Comparison Table



 Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Clinical Studies
  • Reduce appetite. (Reducing snacks and food cravings).
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Aids in Osteoporosis & improve bone density (calcium ingredient).
  • Anti-depressive aids (regulates hormonal imbalance).
  • Satisfactory results in weight loss (3-5) lbs per week.
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Anti-depressive aids.
  • 4 lbs per month
  • Reduce stress by stabilizing cortisol levels in the body
  • Reduces abdominal fat.
Side Effects/Drawbacks
  • None (Rare; mild headache)
  • None (Rare; mild gastrointestinal problems like gas or nausea.)
Money Back Guarantee
  • Yes (60 days)
  • Yes (45 days)
  • Yes
  • Yes
Appetite Suppressant
  • Yes (Powerful)
  • Yes (But Low)
Weight Loss Effect
  • 3-5 lbs per week
  • 4 lbs per month
User Review/Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellent

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  • Main complaint “barely weight loss effect

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  • Can be purchased securely online and arrive in a matter of days at your door step
  • Can be purchased securely online and arrive in a matter of days at your door step
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  • High-Level
  • Comparatively Low
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  • $ 49.95 Per Bottle
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Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia Extra  – Reviews & Ratings

Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia-reviews & ratings


Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia Extra– The Major Ingredients


Garcinia Cambogia Extra

LongJack Tongkate ALI: It is a herb which acts as a testosterone booster and converts your body fat into energy in the blood stream.


Hydroxycitric Acid: This is the main ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia Extra, also known as HCA. This ingredient plays a vital role in improving the functioning of the nervous system.


L-Carnitine & Capsaicin: It is a natural amino acid which helps with the body’s conversion of fat to energy. Capsaicin raises your body temperature, forcing it to burn additional calories.


Chromium: Chromium is a key ingredient in various weight loss supplements. Its deficiency can lead to diabetes and excess weight gain.


Sympathomimetic Amine (Citrus Aurantium): is a natural ingredient that positively affects your metabolism and burns stored fat.


Calcium: Calcium breaks down the body fat and transforms it into additional energy.


Trimethylxanthine: It help boost the energy level and a good state of mind (by stimulating endorphins). It has the ability to reduce fatigue and increase alertness, focus. Potassium:  It has both long term and short term effects on your weight loss journey. It can improve blood pressure, fatigue, stress, and headaches, and glucose transfer which affects weight.


Citrus Aurantium: Boost the rate of the metabolism and enhances the body’s capacity of burning fat.


Vegetable cellulose: Cellulose is a kind of fiber, and although it’s a significant component of a diet, you can’t digest it, and it contains no calories. 



As you can see, there is so much variation out there, but the ingredients of both products works extremely well. In fact, they both seem to work in similar way towards weight loss.


Phen375 Vs Garcinia Cambogia – Final Words

Although majority say “Garcinia” not working for them in weight loss. But I can see that few say it works! There are pros and cons for this pill. Although Cons is more dominant when it comes to weight loss. Yes, it has many other effects that are healthy for the human body but let’s be honest. If that stuff doesn’t make me lose weight and see real results I find myself wasting my money. The price for Garcinia is really cheap which makes it great. But what’s the value do I get?

I find Phen375 wins to be far more superior in the weight loss. Yes, it’s more expensive than Garcinia Cambogia Extra. But if something makes me lose average 3-5 lbs per week meaning 12 – 20 lbs a month without changing diet which is worth it. However, if you are fine with losing 4 lbs per month maybe less then go for Garcinia Cambogia. Also, I recommend you to Read Phen375 User Reviews. Many users choose Phen375 over Garcinia Cambogia for the sake of more weight loss.


Finally It’s up to you to decide….

Whether you are looking to choose proven Phen375 which has been used successfully by thousands of people for years and years without encountering any risky side effects or you are looking for relatively new Garcinia Cambogia Extra which leads to a bunch of conditions. 

In case of Phen375 vs Garcinia, I’ll take the proven, effective Phen375 over the still-somewhat-a-mystery Garcinia.

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